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Exhibitions 1880s - 1880

  (Dawson Dawson-Watson family archives)   Recto and verso of Dawson-Watson’s official exhibitor card for the 1889 Exposition Universelle. (Dawson Dawson-Watson family archives)   Year Exhibition Sponsor Location  1888 Spring …

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Exhibitions 1890s - 1890

  Year Exhibition Sponsor Location 1890 The Exhibition of the Royal Academy of Arts. The One Hundred and Twenty-Second. Royal Academy of Arts London, England 1891 Ninth Annual Exhibition of …

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Exhibitions 1900-1909 - 1900

Year Exhibition Sponsor Location  1902   23rd Annual Exhibition Royal Canadian Academy of Arts Quebec  1902 Fourteenth Annual Exhibition of Water-Colors, Pastels and Miniatures by American Artists The Art Institute of …

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Exhibitions 1910s - 1910

Year Exhibition Sponsor Location 1910 Fourteenth Annual Exhibition of the Society of Western Artists The Art Institute of Chicago Chicago, Illinois 1911 The Sixth Annual Exhibition of the Two-by-Four Society …

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Exhibitions 1920s - 1920

  Grand Canyon National Park of Arizona. This photo was taken during one of Dawson-Watson’s trips west to visit the Grand Canyon and Hollywood. (Dawson Dawson-Watson family archives) From an …

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Exhibitions 1930s - 1930

Year Exhibition Sponsor Location 1930 Collection of works mostly by Texas artists (hosted at the Abilene City Hall Auditorium) Texas Fine Arts Association (under the auspices of the Art Unit …

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