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Mary Hoyt Sellar

Born January 2, 1864 - Aurora, Illinois
Died July 28, 1952 - San Antonio, Texas

Mary Hoyt Sellar Dawson-Watson was born January 2, 1864 in Aurora, Illinois and died July 28, 1952 in San Antonio, Texas.

She was traveling in France with the Houston artist Emma Richardson Cherry when she met Dawson Dawson-Watson. They were married soon after on May 30, 1888 at the British Embassy in Paris, France.

Mary Hoyt was affectionately nicknamed “Dot” by Dawson-Watson due to her small stature.


Dot Dawson-Watson Portrait Photo pixel sized

Dot (Mary Hoyt) Dawson-Watson in St. Louis.

Studio portrait photograph by Takuma Kajiwara.
(Dawson Dawson-Watson family archives)


Edward Dawson-Watson sitting on lap of Dot

Dot with son Edward Dawson Dawson-Watson ca. 1898.
(Dawson Dawson-Watson family archives)


Dot Dawson-Watson Waving pixel sized

Dot at the Gallagher Ranch
(Dawson Dawson-Watson family archives)


Dot Dawson-Watson on porch with smalll dog pixel sized

Dot was very fond of animals. Here she is pictured with her small puppy.
(Dawson Dawson-Watson family archives)

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