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Edward Dawson Dawson-Watson

Born November 1, 1893 - Hartford, Connecticut
Died January 27, 1978 - San Antonio, Texas

Edward (known as Don to family and close friends) Dawson Dawson-Watson was a commercial artist and an artist of stylized western scenes which included cowboys, bucking broncos, and desert creatures, such as snakes, rabbits, and javelinas.


Edward Dawson Dawson-Watson and Sister Hilda pixel sized

Edward Dawson Dawson-Watson and his sister Hilda Rosalind Dawson-Watson
(Dawson Dawson-Watson family archives)


Edward Dawson Dawson-Watson Student at the UW St Louis

Edward Dawson Dawson-Watson student (back row, fifth from the left) at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

“Art_Faculty_004,” University Archives, Washington University in St. Louis,, (accessed March 22, 2015).

[Although the photograph is titled, Art Faculty, Edward Dawson Dawson-Watson is not known to have taught at the university.]


Edward Dawson-Watson sketch by Dawson-Watson pixel sized

Portrait of Edward Dawson Dawson-Watson, Dawson Dawson-Watson, 1917, pencil on paper
(Dawson Dawson-Watson family archives)


Edward moved from St. Louis, Missouri to San Antonio, Texas in the late 1920’s with his wife and daughter after his father and mother, the Dawson Dawson-Watsons, decided to make San Antonio their home.


Edward Dawson Dawson-Watson Standing Photo pixel sized

Edward Dawson Dawson-Watson at the Japanese Tea Garden (also known as the Sunken Gardens) San Antonio, Texas.
(Dawson Dawson-Watson family archives)


Cowboy Lassoing by EDW pixel sized

Small western sketch by Edward Dawson Dawson-Watson for a University of Texas brochure.
(Dawson Dawson-Watson family archives)


In an unknown newspaper clipping, Edward Dawson Dawson-Watson was referenced to J. Frank Dobie. “Mr. Dawson-Watson is to Texas art what J. Frank Dobie is to Texas literature in that he has made his own a special field…”

 Cowboy Roundup scene for Anna His gym UofT EDW

Edward Dawson Dawson-Watson standing in front of a large mural he painted for the Anna Hiss Gymnasium clubroom at the University of Texas in Austin. Edward visited J. Frank Dobie, famous cowboy author, while working on the mural. Mr. Dobie advised on matters “ranchero,” particularly on the proper swing of lariats in action.
(Image from an unknown newspaper clipping)


Edward Dawson Dawson-Watson on Horseback at the Gallagher pixel sized

Cowboy Don at the Gallagher Ranch
(Dawson Dawson-Watson family archives)


Below Edward Dawson Dawson-Watson is wearing the costume he created for the Artists’ Ball held at La Villita in San Antonio, Texas in the early fifties. He won first prize and was awarded a large ceramic bowl made by Harding Black.

Edward Dawson-Watson at San Antonio Artists Ball pixel sized

Edward Dawson Dawson-Watson
(Dawson Dawson-Watson family archives)


Marilyn J Dawson-Watson pixel sized

Marilyn J. Dawson-Watson was the daughter of Marie Sawyer and Edward Dawson Dawson-Watson. She was born December 16, 1922 in St Louis, Missouri and died January 22, 1999.
(Dawson Dawson-Watson family archives)


Dot, Edward and Marilyn at the Gallagher pixel sized pixel sized

From left to right Marilyn J. Dawson-Watson with her father, Edward Dawson-Watson and her grandmother, Mary Hoyt (Dot) Dawson-Watson, picking wildflowers at the Gallagher Ranch.
(Dawson Dawson-Watson family archives)


Marylin J Hamilton presents DDW Painting to Jefferson HS pixel sized

Marilyn J. Dawson-Watson on far right presenting a Dawson-Watson painting to Thomas Jefferson High School in San Antonio, Texas.
(Dawson Dawson-Watson family archives)


Marilyn J Dawson-Watson pixel sized      William M. Hamilton portrait photo pixel sized

Marilyn J. Dawson-Watson married William M. Hamilton.
(Dawson Dawson-Watson family archives)


Edward Dawson-Watson and Friends at the McFarlin Tennis Center San Antonio pixel sized

Edward Dawson-Watson was a regular tennis player at the McFarlin Tennis Center (San Pedro Tennis Courts) in San Antonio. Here he is pictured at the age of 80 with his tennis partners. Left to right: Eunice Dean Grote (U.S. championship tennis player), Jim Beamer, Tom Stell (artist), Frost Carvel (San Antonio architect), Edward Dawson-Watson (artist).
(Dawson Dawson-Watson family archives)


Great Granddaddy Shan and Derrek in his studio

Edward Dawson Dawson-Watson in his San Antonio studio with his great-grandsons Shannon (far left) and Derrek, 1976 .
(Dawson Dawson-Watson family archives)

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