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Dawson Watson

Born 1803 - Warton
Died 1870 - buried Warton

Dawson Watson, solicitor and amateur artist in Sedbergh, Yorkshire, was the father of the artists John Dawson Watson and Thomas James Watson ARWS. Dawson Watson’s daughter, Frances Watson, was married in 1864 to the artist Myles Birket Foster.

Dawson Watson was Dawson Dawson-Watson’s grandfather.

According to an article appearing in a Sedbergh and District History Society publication published in 2012, the sketch below may be that of Dawson-Watson of Sedbergh.

“Mr. Dawson Watson of Sedbergh (possibly) Sketch, labelled possibly Dawson Watson, brown on yellow paper. It was found in Freda Trott’s archive and as Freda’s grandfather, Thomas Douglas, bought the house in 1902, from Dawson Dawson Watson, who at that time was living in Quebec, it is possible that the sketch was found there.”

Dawson Watson Sketch



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