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Untitled (Grand Canyon)

This unlocated painting of the Grand Canyon is known through an article published in The Sante Fe Magazine in 1949. Dawson-Watson completed this large painting of the Grand Canyon in 1920 for the Sante Fe Railroad. Most likely he painted it as part of the Sante Fe Railway’s effort to get more visitors to America’s national parks. The Grand Canyon became a national park in 1919. In this photograph the painting is on display at the Sante Fe ticket office located at 136 Geary Street, San Fransisco, CA.

As noted by the writer of the article, “A resplendent oil reproduction of Grand Canyon by Dawson-Watson, especially for the Sante Fe, is an outstanding feature of San Fransisco’s new Sante Fe ticket office. Above Chief Water Clan (S. B. Sarrachino, Laguna Indian employe [sic] at Richmond, Cal., shops) explains finer points of painting to L. R. Everett (center), general passenger agent, and John Cuddy, managing director of Californians, Inc. Little girl with lollypop is Sarrachino’s daughter, Joan Teresita.”
The Sante Fe Magazine, May 1949

Size: unknown
Date: 1920
Signed: unknown
Catalogue #: U.1920.1
Publication History:
-The Sante Fe Magazine, (May 1949), 27-28, 28 ill.